Accurate Analytics For
Real World.

The only technology that allows you to measure real traffic at your physical assets accurately and better than online analytics.

For the first time ever, you can measure the number of new and returning visitors instead of counting people.

Internet features for physical world, without sacrificing privacy.


End of brick-and-mortar retail? it's a new beginning

Go Where Insights Take You.

Real-time, accurate, reliable and robust analytics. Data that you can trust and make business decisions. 


Unrivalled insights, analytics and benchmarking capabilities.


Radically new system that gets installed in seconds with superior accuracy.


Game-changing reports and recommendations that go beyond analytics.

We Are Changing Retail And Precinct Management.

Built for the best and biggest in property and retail industry in the world. The forward thinkers, innovators and champions. 

Made to create benefits for the whole industry. More locations covered by SPACE means better and more insights for everyone. 

The old ways of measuring performances at precincts isn’t working anymore. The proof is the slowing growth of physical retail but the high numbers on people counters and visit counts. This is why many shopping centers announce that they have more “visitors” than the population of Australia!

End of traditional office, beginning of smart office

A Smart Office That Works With The Flow.

Make your office efficient, save energy and improve based on accurate analytics

Dollars Saved for Clients
Recommendations Provided

End of traditional precincts, beginning of smart precincts

A Smart Precinct That Plans With The Flow.

Make your precinct smart, plan based on insights and increase your revenue by proving your methods through data.

End of traditional retail, beginning of smart retail

A Smart Retail That Grows With The Flow.

Make your retail grow with data, increase revenue by understanding your customers and stay ahead of competition through accurate analytics

Unique People Detected
Devices Only Used

A modern platform for a new era

Don't Count People.
Measure Performances In Real-Time.

SPACE Analytics makes your precinct smart, efficient and maximizes your profits from all your assets while creating a new revenue stream for your organization.

The only system that works and implemented at outdoor, indoor, underground and open-concept locations with no specific entry or exits!

High accuracy, fast installation and game-changing insights

SPACE Analytics is the only technology that is highly accurate, fast to install and provides reliable insights that will win you over your competitors.

Less Devices,
Higher Accuracy

Our system gets installed in minutes NOT weeks. It does not need wiring or extra cables. SPACE Pin devices start working as soon as they are plugged in. They have a wide range, high accuracy and water and heat proof. For example, we used only 10 SPACE Pin devices to cover a 20,000sqm precinct and installed them in 10 minutes!

Less Counting,
More Measuring

Our innovative approach and technology allows us to measure the number of unique visitors accurately and without counting duplicates. Utilising a technology made by SPACE after 3 years of research, we are able to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to identify the number of visitors, without counting multiple devices of one person more than once or counting stationed devices. This allows us to provide accurate analytics, without collecting any personally identifiable information. Also, the only system capable of measuring the average visit duration, path of visitors, other locations visited by your visitors and many more.

Less Guessing,
More Insights

Your visitors have a pattern of visit. Not only at one of your assets but across all of them. Using SPACE Analytics, you will understand patterns of behaviour of your visitors and plan ahead. You will be able to measure the outcomes of your marketing, events and investments by comparing the number of new and returning visitors.

Test Your Ideas.

Compare Results.

Don't Wait For Change.

Set The Trend.

Precinct, retail and commercial building managements are evolving because their visitors are evolving.

The current legacy systems are broken and their data is only good for demands of early 2000.

It is time to evolve with your visitors and customers.

Implement SPACE Analytics in a day and make improvements based on reliable, accurate and robust data.


Commercial Buildings

Offices - Event Space - Mixed Retail/Commercial
Increase energy and resource efficiency, measure retail usage by tenants and visitors and many more through SPACE Analytics.


Airports - CBDs - Stadiums - Transport Stations
Optimize marketing campaigns, find busiest locations and entry points, number of shoppers and pedestrians and many more through SPACE Analytics.


Shopping Centers - Open Shopping - Retail Stores
Optimize marketing campaigns based on new and returning visitors, find pattern of behavior and many more through SPACE Analytics.