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Precinct Analytics & Management Reimagined

Get a deeper understanding of your precinct like never before. Measure the performance and impact of your marketing efforts through personalised reports, real-time dashboards and recommendations for the decision makers.

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SPACE Analytics

A simple but extremely powerful tool to monitor the performance of all your assets. Understand the number of new and returning visitors, average time spent, paths taken and ROI of your investments in your precinct.

If It Can Be Predicted, It Can Be Optimised!

SPACE Platform's dashboard allows you and your team to be in total control. You can control your expenditure, reduce costs, increase efficiency and make visitors happier.
Hint: Happy visitors spend more money! (Like a lot more!!)

What Do I Get?

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed!

Data is good, insights are even better, but, it is the prediction that is the key! Imagine if you could know how many people would be coming to your precinct tomorrow. It is a super power that can save and earn you millions of dollars!

Past, Now and Future

Real-time Monitoring, On Mobile And Desktop

Our completely web based solution allows you to monitor your mall, shop, office and city in real-time on your phone or desktop for quick updates.

Introducing SPACE Search Engine

Search for products, amenities and shops around while getting recommendations and price updates for any product, any shop, any mall, anywhere. NO APP REQUIRED!

Radically Different Experience & Personalisation

You can stop looking for products and start buying them.

Find Things That Matter, Without Annoying Ads or Trackers!

NearYou™ radically changes the visitor experience anywhere and everywhere! Find amenities such as Bicycle Parking, Restroom, Bench, Vending Machine and Water Fountains!
Most importantly, NearYou can also show you the accessible friendly locations for all amenities.
Available across Australia! 🇦🇺
Get Yourself SPACE

Reimagine Your Precinct Management With SPACE, Without Sacrificing Privacy

Understand the ways you can easily attract more visitors to your mall. Make millions of extra dollars in your retail assets and save hundreds of thousands for your commercial buildings and tenants. All these without collecting any personal information or personally identifiable information. It works better than cameras and has better privacy than sensors.

How to Start?

Onboard The Future of Analytics in Less Than a Week!

We are confident in our product and its accuracy. Now we need to make you have the same confidence. That is why we provide all new partners, a 4 weeks pilot with all the features of SPACE, so you can see the benefits for themselves.

Quick & Easy Installation
SPACE Analytics devices rely on your Wi-Fi system. No more data cables needed!
Pilot With No Commitments
Too good to be true? Sign up for a 4 weeks pilot and try out SPACE for yourself. No commitments!
4 Weeks of Trial
During the 4 week trial, you will get the full experience of SPACE Platform.
Less Devices, Lower Cost
SPACE Analytics uses less devices than any other system. For example, a 40,000sqm location needs less than 20 devices for a full coverage!