SPACE Platform compared to COVIDSafe app

FeatureSPACE PlatformCOVIDSafe
TracingInstant, accurate distance measured, no app required, anonymously15 Minutes, 1.5 meters, both have app installed and running, your data with government
PrivacyNo PII CollectedProvide PII to use
Control over PrivacyYes. Share voluntary on official website, no data on any phoneNo, your data on someone else's phone can be uploaded if they test positive
Works without appYesNo. On iOS requires app running and phone unlocked
Considers LocationYes, infected areas can be decontaminated, people will be aware of "exposed" areasNo. Only people with a phone that has the app running. Infected areas not traced
Real-time data & dashboardYes. Helps police & health front-line to disperse people at crowded areas, inform people to leave crowded areasNot Available
Prevents?Yes. Data about crowd movements, hot-spots, instant area & multiple people tracing helps people & government to prevent the spreadNo. Attempts to stop spread, if circumstances are met.
Useful after pandemic?Yes. The Platform is the foundation of a smart city without any loss of privacy. Great investment in an Australian startup, creating many jobs because of the Platform which would help the retail & tourism industryNo. The app is over with the virus. No job created.

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