SPACE Visualisation For Tourism QLD

Privacy Respecting Solution for Monitoring Movements, Social Distancing & Tracing without an app

Data-driven Crowd Control & Tracing without Sacrificing Privacy: COVID-19 Pandemic
Allowing offices and public buildings to open their doors to public again

Key challenges and how SPACE can help

The pandemic has shown the lack of reliable data and infrastructure to enable traceability to help protect citizens during emergencies.
SPACE Platform provides a comprehensive analytics solution to fill in this gap while giving the control over privacy to citizens.

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

- Enforcing social distancing in indoor & outdoor places
- Monitor movements to efficiently allocate effort and resources
- Understand the effectiveness of the current measures in place
- Re-opening public places, ensuring public safety & risk management
- Gain public trust by ensuring privacy

SPACE's Solution

SPACE's Solution

SPACE Platform uses a combination of hardware and software to enable monitoring citizens' movement & social distancing in real-time. The solution does not require opt-in or an app and does not collect any personal information.



- Privacy by design: No personal data is collected
- No need to download any app or opt-in any system

- High accuracy, suitable for measuring social distancing enforcement indoor & outdoor
- One dashboard for data visualisation and control for all selected areas

Data Collection with Privacy

Battery powered, weatherproof devices monitor and understand people’s movements. These devices are also the foundation of a smart city infrastructure, a smart shopping mall experience and the basis of IoT systems, with battery lifetime of at least 5 years. No app required. 

Data Visualisation & Control

Our centralised dashboard allows authorities to monitor, control, engage and receive feedback from the citizens. Monitor, get notified & act in real-time to efficiently allocate resources. Decontaminate exposed areas indoor & outdoor by reviewing historic data & heatmaps.

Engage & Guide Citizens

Through our feature-rich progressive web app (no installation required), we provide a personalised solution to users which allows the administrators to engage with people directly. We also provide Android & iOS apps for users’ convenience. These can provide the best help to people by keeping them informed and way from exposed areas.

Personalised, Accurate & Reliable

Using the dashboard, administrators can send notifications to people at crowded locations. Notifications can be scheduled for specific start and end time, date and locations. Pro-actively helping visitors & users of your mall, city or office informed & safe.

SPACE Platform compared to COVIDSafe app

SPACE at your location fast & easy

Step 1

Hardware Setup

Our team can setup the hardware at your location immediately. Our small and battery powered devices (smaller than two credit cards) can stick to any surface while being hidden from public view. We can do the installation outside of operating hours so it would not affect your location’s operations. It would take just a few days to setup for a big office or a big area of a city or a mall!

Step 2

Software Setup

While we setup the hardware at your location, we will setup the software too so it can start working instantly. In just a few days we will provide your organisation with a simple dashboard to visualise all the data collected. It is really this fast and easy!

Step 3

Data Collection

As soon as the hardware & software setup is finished, SPACE will start working for your organisation. You can now view crowd movements in a mall or a city or even an office. You will also receive alerts and reports about crowded areas so you can act in real-time. Now your visitors, customers or employees feel safer, knowing that you, the leadership, have taken appropriate care for their safety and privacy!

Step 4

Data Visualisation & Reports

Now your organisation has access to variety of maps, data analytics & historic data through our powerful but simple dashboard. The dashboard allows you to send mass notifications to selected areas with start/end time or automatically inform crowds at crowded areas to disperse. Also, you can mark users that have tested positive, inform users that have been near or at areas the an infected person has been & decontaminate these areas while keeping others safe.
Tracing without sacrificing privacy!

The Smart Platform for the pandemic and beyond

SPACE Platform is the foundation of a Smart City and a wise investment in Cities and Malls’ infrastructure.
Make your Shopping mall, State and City stand out by thinking of now and the future.