Management TeamThe people that are at the driving seat of our SPACE ship!

Founder & CEO, SPACE Platform


Sina has 6 years of entrepreneurial experience in manufacturing and technology with extensive knowledge in business and technology.
Board Executive Advisor, SPACE Platform

Dr. Rui

Dr. Rui has 10 years’ experience in retail industry and being the MD of Sonae Sierra, a worldwide leading retail developer company with 88 shopping malls in 4 continents.
Chief Technology Officer, SPACE Platform

Han Gao (Nash)

Nash is a professional when it comes to technology development. He has extensive knowledge in database management but also in variety of technologies and programming languages. He has a tendency to come up with simple solutions for complex problems! He is handling all the teams that are focusing on different part of our technologies.
Chief Marketing Officer (South East Asia), SPACE Platform


Jason is a specialist in marketing and networking with a strong network in South East Asia. He has been handling marketing for numerous startups in SEA with a background of business and technology. Jason is handling all of the marketing business of SPACE Platform with a group of talented people.
Chief Hardware Technology Officer, SPACE Platform


Owen is an electrical engineer that has a wide knowledge in PCB board design and framework programming. His advanced education and wide knowledge together with his great passion for innovation has put the hardware technology of SPACE at a very unique position.
Head of Deep Learning & Algorithms, SPACE Platform


Dattatreya is hugely experienced in machine learning, mathematical modelling, AI and algorithms. He has many years of working experience and holds two masters in Physical Science and Electrical Engineering and soon finishing his third Masters in Data Science.
Head of AI & Data, SPACE Platform


Gayan has a huge experience in software engineering, system architecture, BigData, data mining and AI & machine learning. He has more than 16 years of experience and a current PhD candidate for machine learning and big data. He was part of the team that created the software for LSX.
Head of Technology Management, SPACE Platform


With over 16 years of experience and deep knowledge and proficiency managing complex IT projects, software architecture, software development methodologies, programming languages, and big data technologies.
Front-end Lead, SPACE Platform


Shashank is an experienced front-end developer with several years of experience in several modern frameworks. He will be leading the front-end team at SPACE.
Head of Analytics, SPACE Platform

Assal Panah

Assal is a Management Consultant with over seven years of progressive career track record. With a Master of IT with a focus on business process management and re-engineering and project management, Assal has a comprehensive knowledge and experience across many different fields including analytics and data processing. She will be leading the analytics team at SPACE.
Head of Communications & Policy, SPACE Platform

Anna Syropiatova

Anna's diversified background in public policy, psychology, social work, business communication and stakeholder management enables her to manage and direct internal and external communications at SPACE Platform including supervising public relations staff and creating communication strategies.
Head of Financials, SPACE Platform

Yujie Zhou

Yujie is an experienced accountant as she is an ambassador for CPA Australia. Her experience and knowledge in Australian financial system is a major help for the company. She is the head of our Finance team.
Operation Team, SPACE Platform

Sandra Riedel

Sandra is an event and marketing professional with extensive international work experience in various industries. Her experience is backed up with her academic knowledge gained through completing a Bachelor´s degree in International Business and a Master´s degree in Tourism, Hotel and Event Management. Her spare time is taken up by her commitments on the Board of Trustees of a charitable foundation. Sandra´s skills, experience and knowledge will help us to bring SPACE to the next level.
Head of Design & Experience, SPACE Platform

Yohana Hadiati

Yohana is a graduate of Computer Science and IT in Bachelor and Business & Commerce in Masters. Her education provides the perfect balance for her role in Experience team. She also has knowledge and experience in UI/UX design in different projects and has been working in the Experience team at SPACE.
Developer, SPACE Platform


Eric holds a Masters degree in Information Technology and has experience in front end development.

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