Long Island, Newstead (Retail Precinct)


Analytics for the entire precinct, the famous Total Fusion gym, understand the total number of unique visitors, find out which entry point the visitors used and how the numbers stand in comparison to a similar precinct.

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Your asset can do better than you think

Testing ideas, implementing change and improving performances made possible with great insights.

Long Island by Cavcorp is a luxury retail and wellness precinct that is the first of its kind in Australia. The wellness precinct consist of outdoor and indoor retail areas and the famous Total Fusion gym. Innovative precincts like Long Island require a system that can provide insights about their visitors accurately and reliably, especially with a modern location consisting of indoor and outdoor areas. 
SPACE Analytics helps Long Island understand the number of unique visitors to the gym and retail areas. It also allows them to find the busiest entry points, number of visitors from nearby shopping centers, average visit times at different areas and the benchmarking capabilities of SPACE to compare their precinct with other similar locations. 

Long Island is part of a bigger community which includes luxury residential buildings developed by Cavcorp. Their central position in Newstead suburb in Brisbane creates a pathway for many pedestrians to walk through the precinct, especially being close to Gasworks shopping center. It is important for them to differentiate the number of shoppers and pedestrians to understand the real number of unique visitors.
To measure the real impact of your efforts and investments, you need to know the real number of interested visitors, not just anyone walking through your precinct. SPACE Analytics is the only system in the market that allows you to differentiate visitors based on different factors to gain valuable insights about your asset. 

SPACE Pin devices were installed at Long Island in 15 minutes with only 5 devices required to cover 15,000sqm precinct, including one floor of Total Fusion gym. SPACE Pin devices are waterproof and heatproof which makes them work great at outdoor areas of Long Island too. 

Your asset can do better than you think

Make decisions based on insights that are accurate and reliable.

By monitoring the busiest areas, SPACE Analytics helps Long Island understand their visitors and performance of their precinct. The insights for Long Island includes but not limited to:

  • Number of new and returning visitors to the precinct and specific sections such as retailers and restaurants
  • Visit paths and detailed heatmap visualization
  • Number of unique visitors in real-time
  • Number of loyal visitors, regular visitors, bounce rate, growth rate and churn rate
  • Average visit duration of shoppers and pedestrians
  • Average time spent at each retailer
  • Average visit duration of visitors
  • Background information about visitors’ behaviors and shopping habits at other locations (e.g.: 45% of your loyal visitors are shopping at a similar precinct in the evenings)

Your asset can perform optimally too. SPACE Analytics gets installed in minutes without any disruption to tenants or the retailers. By optimizing your marketing campaigns based on accurate and reliable data, you can attract more loyal visitors to your asset. You can test ideas, measure performances and make improvements.

Optimizing your expenditures, marketing campaigns, improving efficiency is only possible through an accurate and reliable system. After all, increasing the value of your asset depends on the traffic of it.

Insights that you can trust to make business decisons

Experience the power of accurate real-time analytics behind your assets.

Why is it important to measure unique visitors instead of counting people?

What Gets Measured "Accurately" ,
Gets Managed "Efficiently"!

  • 30 persons can use the bathroom in an office floor more than 120 times in one day (4 times per person). 
  • 300 persons can visit a store or a shopping centre 1,200 times in a week (4 times per person). 
  • 3,000 persons can visit a precinct 12,000 times in a week (4 times per person). 

Every system in the market counts people. Only SPACE can give you accurate analytics that you can rely on to make business decisions. 

Through SPACE you can find out the number of people visiting from level 20 to retail section, if they also visit your other locations and even if they are a shopper or pedestrian at other locations.

All these WITHOUT collecting any personally identifiable information or using face recognition.

High accuracy, fast installation and game-changing insights

SPACE Analytics is the only technology that is fast to install, highly accurate and provides insights that will win you over your competitors.

Less Devices,
Higher Accuracy

Our system gets installed in minutes NOT weeks. It does not need wiring or extra cables. SPACE Pin devices start working as soon as they are plugged in. They have a wide range, high accuracy and water and heat proof. For example, we used only 10 SPACE Pin devices to cover a 20,000sqm precinct and installed them in 10 minutes!

Less Counting,
More Measuring

Our innovative approach and technology allows us to measure the number of unique visitors accurately and without counting duplicates. Utilising a technology made by SPACE after 3 years of research, we are able to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to identify the number of visitors, without counting multiple devices of one person more than once or counting stationed devices. This allows us to provide accurate analytics, without collecting any personally identifiable information. Also, the only system capable of measuring the average visit duration, path of visitors, other locations visited by your visitors and many more.

Less Guessing,
More Insights

Your visitors have a pattern of visit. Not only at one of your assets but across all of them. Using SPACE Analytics, you will understand patterns of behaviour of your visitors and plan ahead. You will be able to measure the outcomes of your marketing, events and investments by comparing the number of new and returning visitors.

What does the industry say about SPACE?

Great products don't need to be sold. They speak for themselves.

SPACE Analytics insights are vital for many companies in the property industry. From compliance to measuring the return of investments, SPACE Analytics has a variety of purposes for different industries. 
Just like internet analytics, physical spaces need accurate and reliable analytics to measure success and failure. 

SPACE Analytics is solving multiple problems for the retail, commercial and property management companies. They can finally trust the data about their assets, visitors and their performances. From compliance to measuring ROI of your marketing and infrastructure investments, A/B testing of your marketing campaigns and planning expansions for your shopping centers based on the unique number of visitors. 

Dustin Welch on SPACE Analytics
Dustin Welch on SPACE Analytics

The best property companies need the best technologies

The only technology that works at retail and precincts as well as commercial properties due to accuracy, insights and easy installation.

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The world of property analytics is changing.
It's time to change with it.

People counters and access cards data were good for 2010. They were not designed for accuracy or insights with one dimensional data. Their failures had a huge impact on the retail industry for the past decade and recently it has become worse with cameras and face recognition systems. We are going to change that.

SPACE gives you the most cutting edge technology, accuracy and reliability to completely understand the performance of your assets and their visitors.

Big tech companies understand the performance of their own products and assets better than anyone else, hence, they utilize them optimally. Together, we are enabling the property industry to do just that.