How does SPACE work for brick and mortar Retail and Airports?

True engagement, a personalized shopping experience and accurate analytical data

How does SPACE improve shopper experience in an Airport retail?An example of customer's experience...

Customer Enters

Joe has visited an airport. SPACE detects that based on his search and shopping history, he likes coffee (Starbucks), doughnuts (Krispy Kreme) and men’s clothes (Calvin Klein). SPACE knows the sequence, therefore it suggests him to get navigation to Starbucks (if available). If not, the closest match.

Customer Shops

Joe arrived at Starbucks. Now SPACE will ask him if he wants to get doughnuts. Now it is navigating him to Krispy Kreme. Joe also wants to know if there are any perfume shops around. He searched in SPACE and found his favorite shop and added to navigation. Now that he had doughnuts, SPACE shows him the route to the perfume shop he just found.

Reminded to Shop

Joe arrived at perfume shop. Now SPACE reminds him to go to Calvin Klein. Joe accepts it and gets navigation to the store. Since SPACE AI knows that he likes chocolates, he then receives an offer from Paul’s chocolate shop that their chocolates are on sale for the next 2 hours. Now that he has finished shopping at Calvin Klein, SPACE is navigating him to Paul’s to buy chocolates to go.

Engaging with Shoppers

Joe is now finished with his shopping. He benefited from the cheap chocolates and took away some. Now he is going to go to to his flight. SPACE shows him the schedule and navigates him to the gate of his flight. While exiting the airport, he receives a notification, wishing him a great flight and asking him to rate his experience in the airport.


We know what users want based on their shopping habits in other malls and airports, therefore we offer them a personalized experience. You don’t have to look for your favorites anymore, we will do that for you and navigate you to them. We will also let shoppers know when their favorite items are on sale, so they would never miss a chance to shop!
Shops are able to put their ads in the system, targeted only to their audience, increasing the conversion rates of window shoppers to buying shoppers.



Malls and Airports managements would get a one page analytical data that shows all the information about shoppers like the most busiest areas, places with most foot traffic, how many returning users, how many new users and lots of great insights about users. They are also able to send notification to customers, allowing them to sell these to retailers as ads and have a new revenue stream for themselves. Unlimited possibilities for your marketing team!
All these functions are web based, so admins are able to access the system from anywhere, whether if its their smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet. Best part? We can do these trackings without the need of an app on user’s phone, even if they are not connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

I want SPACE!

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