How does SPACE Platform work in cities?

Citizen engagement, a personalized experience for each individual, intelligent transportation, connecting people to places, Smart Emergency System, accurate analytical data and simple reports for decision makers

SPACE helps your city become truly smart!A day in life of people in the city...

Connected People

Anna has just arrived at Brisbane. She wants to get around the city. SPACE detects that she is visiting Brisbane for the first time. On her phone at the Brisbane airport, she receives a notification from Brisbane City Council, welcoming her. She likes the nice gesture and presses on the notification to get more details. SPACE Platform is now open on her phone.

Informed People

Anna is now able to see suggestions tailored for her based on her previous experiences in other cities or shopping malls and airports. She likes museums, local coffee shops and art. Since she has only a day to visit all these places, she asks SPACE to create a personalized journey for her. She is also searching for some local restaurants to get something to eat and adds that to her journey.

Smart City

Anna went to a local coffee shop, visited a museum that also used SPACE for guidance and information and now heading to a local restaurant suggested by SPACE. After she finished her meal, she gets informed by SPACE about an art event that is happening in an art gallery nearby a mall that she wanted to visit. Now she can visit the gallery, easily find her way around the shopping mall, know what products and services they offer and also getting to know the latest sales, even on her first visit.

Connected City, Smart Transport & Safe Environment

Anna uses public transport to get to the art gallery. Through SPACE, she knows which route of bus or the correct train and ferry to take to reach the gallery. When she gets on any public transport, SPACE automatically deducts the fee for her journey while informing her and the driver of the stop she has to get down. SPACE system reduced the risks for Anna by taking her around the city through the safest routes. SPACE’s Smart Emergency System assured her that she would always have help without the need to call or knowing the emergency numbers. Now that she is done, she heads back to the airport, gets notified of the gate for her flight and navigate there using SPACE. City Council, through SPACE, thanks Anna for her visit, making this a memorable, easy and safe trip for Anna.

Truly Smart & Connected

SPACE Platform works with our own made devices that last very long, can be installed anywhere and are waterproof. This is why our platform easily connects variety of offline places and things to internet. Public transport stations, public transport vehicles, streets, parking, parks & theme parks, buildings, offices and others. SPACE allows anyone to use services such as public transport by just using them without the need of cards for payments. SPACE will automatically detects users and charge them for the services they use, creating a true smart service system for people.


Data, Analysis, Prediction & Decision 

City council managements would get a dashboard with variety of data about residents like their usage of a service or a location like parks, foot traffic, number of tourists, happiness levels and others. Our system and expert analysis team provide analysis, predictions and results for the council management and decision makers instead of overloading them with raw data. These results can help council to make major decisions like the best day to have an event, best days to have political campaigns, places requiring fire stations due to high crowd, best places to have billboards and others. SPACE Platform is also capable of providing reports for the council and the public. While our system provides these reports automatically, it can also combine results from other systems or provide data to other platforms through varieties of our APIs.

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